She has a little less than 1,50m and a kind of shyness that gives her an air of mistery. Between songs, she speaks low, as if telling secrets, but when she sings, the contrast is huge: the voice is imense, deep, with nature strength.
Elisa Rodrigues is a singer/composer so loyal to herself, that sometimes it is difficult to label a path that started in Jazz, Blues and Bossa Nova.
She has too albums in her name that granted her the imediate tittle of portuguese jazz revelation, as well as countless colaborations and duets with some of the most relevant names of the portuguese musical scene, such as Rodrigo Leão, Júlio Resende, Pedro Abrunhosa, António Zambujo, Luísa Sobral, Joana Alegre and Luís Figueiredo.
Apart from that she spent many years touring all over the world as singing member of the british band These New Puritans.
At her most recent work, the ‘Até ao Sol’ EP, we can cleary ear an old school singer positioning herself as an artist going beyond the mere exercize of her references and trailling a path of her own.