At 3 years old, Elisa told her mother she would become a singer. She kept on singing non stop until her mother finally sent her to a international music school to train voice, choir and performing skills. Like that, Elisa started performing live, regularly, at 8 years old.

While she pursued other academic subjects in college, music was always with her, as a source of pleasure, self discovery, self love and confidence. But, even without any serious plans, it turned into her carreer.

At 24 she was invited to record her first album, that imediatelly granted her the tittle of best portuguese jazz singer in the last 30 years. The album sold out in 4 months and Elisa started to play at some of the most prestigious national stages and festivals.

Two years later she joined a cult indie rock brithish band, with whom she recorded 3 albums and toured the world performing in mythical stages, from Hollywood Bowl, to Barbican, or the Mexican MTV.

Under her name she has recorded 2 albums, travelled and sang all over Portugal and outside the country in all kind of exotic places, from Egypt, to Namibia, South Africa and a tinny Ireland Island. She has colaborated with some of the best portuguese singers and musicians, such as Mário Laginha, António Zambujo, Rodrigo Leão, Pedro Abrunhosa, Ana Bacalhau, Carolina Deslandes and Luísa Sobral.

She was also a finalist composer and singer at the most prestigious portuguese television contest, Festival da Canção, in 2020. This year she was a member of the juri for the Festival da Canção grand final, voting to choose the portuguese representant for the Eurovision 2023 contest in Liverpool and the head of the portuguese juri for the Junior Eurovision contest 2023.

Last September she released a new EP, ‘Até ao Sol’, a mix of her jazz/bossa nova references and her own way of translating them to pop with the help of the producer Luís Figueiredo.