At the age of eight, she realized that she was able to sing and became a soloist in the renowned Choir of the Little Singers of Estoril, which she attended until she was 16. Through this experience he has had the opportunity to learn, to bring to the public, and even to the studio, a vast repertoire, with incursions for the classics and songs of traditional / popular music from the most varied countries in the world.

He discovers the Jazz at the age of fifteen at a summer workshop and, despite having followed the degree in Fashion Design at UTL, music has been a constant.

At age 21 he had his first concert with a nouvelle jazz project from which he became acquainted with Júlio Resende and began to define the aesthetic path of what would become his first album "Heart Mouth Dialogues" (where great pop songs , rock and even bossa nova, shaped to jazz arrangements). With this album it was considered a jazz revelation and it gained the recognition of the musical medium and of a small, but very attentive, legion of fans.

After touring some of the biggest festivals and stages in the country with "Heart Mouth Dialogues", she was invited to join a tour with Rodrigo Leão, an experience she ended up abandoning for a new adventure. Collaborate with the British These New Puritans. An art rock band considered by pitchfork to be the successor to Radiohead.

After a record, a world tour and a second record recorded live at the Barbican Center in London, he devoted himself to the process of writing songs and imagining a record. "As Blue as Red" came to the public in May 2018, with original songs between Luísa Sobral, who masterfully signed the album's production, Joana Espadinha and Pedro da Silva Martins. This disc continues her tour at the moment, while Elisa is venturing into a new project, the voice and piano with the pianist Isabel Rato and in the preparations for a third album in her own name.

The third album in collaboration with the British These New Puritans has just arrived this month to the public.